We Found The Perfect Employees

We found the perfect workers, and even better – there’s more of them than your company could ever employ.

They show up on time every day, ready to work. They get to work the instant it’s time to start.

They never complain for more time off, or vacation time. They even have roots in the area, and have no interest in leaving their jobs. They might have family issues from time to time, but who doesn’t?

Even so, they produce exactly as much as they can with the resources we give them, in exact measure, without any scraps that can’t be used otherwise. They’re even constantly reaching for new heights and growing themselves without anyone prodding them to do so.

Day in, day out. As dependable as can be.

Now I’m not talking about machines, or software. Rest assured, this is pure natural intelligence from living beings.

And there’s millions of them – billions, even. Maybe trillions!

And they’re already working for you! …but you could never employ them.

Because you see, these perfect workers are too perfect. They already have their work cut out for them, and they’ve been doing it exactly as perfectly, far longer than humans have been around.

These perfect workers, already working for you — are trees. They’re making the air we breathe from the carbon we exhale, and they’ve had majority market share on this product for a few billion years.

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this but, humans aren’t trees.

We have eyes, ears, mouths, hands, and legs. We wake up every day not knowing what to do, rather than doing exactly what’s right by instinct. We are not perfect.

We are creators.

We make choices. We make our own destiny. We make the impossible, possible, and then we make it reality.

But even Perfect Workers are unfairly cut down

We may not be perfect like the trees, but we too can be cut down and not fulfill our purpose.

When we treat our people like a growing tree – good soil, good nutrition, good water – they thrive. When we let them do their best when they fall, they replenish the soil.

But when we treat them like they don’t belong, chop them down and carry them off to make firewood… are you picking up what I’m putting down?

We shortchange our organization every time we treat humans like we’re supposed to be perfect, and never create.

Humans were never meant to be identical, inert, and sanitary. We are unique creatures destined to get messy, and create more uniqueness.

We are not perfect employees.

But we are perfect at Being, at creating, and innovating, and everything else that trees can’t do.

We do not make good boxes. We do not sit well in boxes. We are not wood. We are not trees. And we do not thrive by being buried, drowned, and left to our own devices while stuck in one place.

To cultivate humanity…

Plant seeds of purpose. Water it with empathy. And give us room to Create.

Short of that – you’re shortchanging your own exponential potential.

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