How a Car Accident Made Me Love a Company

4Last week, our family car was just minding its own business in a parking lot, when it was side-swiped by a bully minivan twice its size.

Last month, a colleague was driving down a major through road, when an SUV from a side street caught him square in the front passenger door.

Both of these matters could not be more cut and dry. The fault was clearly on the other driver in each case.

One of these accidents made me love MMG as an auto insurer. The other just further galvanized every experience I’ve ever had with Geico, confirming that cut-rate insurers are cutting themselves off at the knees.

Which is the Witch?

Both of these matters were wrapped up this week.

If you ask me, the more serious accident should have been handled faster than a month, but Geico pulled every insurer trick in the book. They weren’t proactive. They made it a fight to get a rental. They didn’t even provide a decision until court got mentioned. And ultimately, the value offered was far short of the value lost – I’m talking about more than just the cost of repairs, but that was pretty uneven too.

The fact MMG was proactive and called me isn’t the only reason I fell in love with the company. It wasn’t even just the calm, courteous service or the well-set expectations.

Actually, it was the fact they asked if we would need a rental during the repairs, and offered a good provider. Going out of their way to make sure every last thing is convenient for us — made me fall in love with them.

Keep Every Promise

If I ever hit someone, I would like them treated well. I would want my statement of “I”m sorry” to extend beyond just the words exchanged at the accident.

“I”m sorry” is a promise to make it right. You don’t make it right by adding insult to injury.

MMG gets it.

Geico seriously doesn’t, and this isn’t my first terrible experience with the company.

There’s a difference between inexpensive and cheap — and you get what you pay for. I don’t know what Geico’s growth strategy is, but it definitely isn’t from referrals.

How do you figure they’re still in business?


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