fullsizeoutput_3fbcSpreading Thought is founded by Patricia (Tricia) Mayo – a lifelong geek entrepreneur and media hound; mother to 4, happy Hawai’ian living in New Hampshire, USA.

Her first job was at a print house. It lasted a whopping 2 weeks. The unwritten rules to never speak the truth made her values unfashionable. She’s been in, but not “in”, the industry her entire career.

This pushed her to be ever on the innovative edge of media, into blogging and podcasting before these things even had a name – dating back to 2003. She has worked with and on the teams who produced best-selling authors, front-page Diggs, and artists ranging from social media influencers, to well-known podcasters, top-10 recording artists, and yes even Prince.

Spreading Thought first started way back in 2005, then morphed into social entrepreneurship writings before making the big final move here.

The focus now is just as it has always been: harmonizing humanity, technology, and nature so we can live better now, and for generations to come. Our focus now, is very decidedly on morphing media to benefit humanity in the coming decade.

Collaborators and Recommendations

Simon Kozlowski, the Reinvention Coach, South Africa

Dino Tartaglia, Success Engineers and Simon Hartley, Be World Class, UK

Brian Chabot, IT systems expert, Massachusetts

David Bookout, strategic advisor, California

Brian Wallace, infographic expert, Ohio

Suzanne Stewart, woman-owned startup expert, West Virginia

Avens O’Brien, new media for millennials, California

Chaimie Riley, knowledge design, Colorado