Infographic: The Real Cost of Attention

‘Just a minute’ is more expensive than ever. *citations being transcribed to digital format and will follow shortly

We Found The Perfect Employees

We found the perfect workers, and even better - there's more of them than your company could ever employ.

Vision makes people flourish but execution is the key to results. 

by Anthony Ogley - Creative Leadership Mastery This may come as a surprise but — 20/20 eyesight isn't required to have good vision. I hold to the belief that my astigmatism helps me stay focused on my imagination, and a clearly defined picture of what the future may hold. Proverbs 29:18 of the Bible states … Continue reading Vision makes people flourish but execution is the key to results. 

Specialist vs Generalist: The Future of Business

I believe every business that survives this 3-D Printer Revolution will survive specifically because they are almost entirely staffed by generalists, if it has staff at all.

Self-Publishing Butterflies

The process of reinvention isn't all cupcakes and sprinkles. First, you have to find a trusty branch - and cocoon. This is true even of self-publishing.

Do You Love an Employer, But They’re Not Hiring?

One of the best ways to find a job you'll love is not looking in the wanted ads, but knocking on doors and researching companies around you. However, that means they're probably not hiring right now - but that doesn't have to mean the end of the road. Indeed, it could be the road to opening your best door ever.

Let’s Do Launch!

Tis the season to start something new! It's no secret everyone gets a little looser with the purse strings in summer time - the happiness index is simply higher when everyone is getting their Vitamin D. So it's no wonder why you see so many product launches in the summer... which means you should be … Continue reading Let’s Do Launch!