Infographic: The Real Cost of Attention

‘Just a minute’ is more expensive than ever. *citations being transcribed to digital format and will follow shortly

Self-Publishing Butterflies

The process of reinvention isn't all cupcakes and sprinkles. First, you have to find a trusty branch - and cocoon. This is true even of self-publishing.

August Critiques: offers excellent information, but in a terrible wrapper. While that's probably great for their monetization strategy, any website trying to be an authority would do well to avoid their mistakes.Those mistakes include:Lack of distinct branding, forgettable brand overall, stock images that remove credibility, ads everywhere you look, disengaging copy, zero front-end accessibility and too … Continue reading August Critiques:

Unpublished Ideas: I’m Unhappy, But I Love Him

An original feature on overcoming self-abuse to find the romance you deserve, from a happily re-married abuse survivor. 1,000 to 2,000 words Why Pick Mayo Unlike so many women, I didn't become a statistic - instead, I dropped over 200 pounds in record time and left the abuser for good in a mere 3 years. … Continue reading Unpublished Ideas: I’m Unhappy, But I Love Him